Customer care

Outsourcing customer care

We help your customers get on with their lives. Efficient, qualitative, flexible, but above all with a human touch.

… with a personal touch.

Person-to-person contact is essential for building a good relationship. After all, who gets excited by talking to a computer or listening to a script? We have a wide range of solutions for person-to-person customer care. In this way, every organisation, regardless of size, can always speak to its customers in a proper manner.

Our solutions

Customer service

Help your customer move on. Even outside office hours. Qualitative and efficient, but always with a focus on the human factor.

Dedicated customer service team

Multiskilled customer experts working exactly as you want and in the systems of your preference. E-mail, caht, socials & by phone.

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

For large organisations that have the need to outsource complete business processes in the area of customer service.

Telephone service

We’re always happy to speak to your customers in a professional and friendly manner, even if you are unavailable. Ideal for companies that are frequently called for the same questions.

Service numbers & IVR

A professional image requires a recognisable Dutch phone number. By using a selection menu, you ensure that every call goes to the right person.

Academy brochure

More information in our brochure

In our brochure you will find more information about our services. Good customer care is important. But which option suits your organisation best? And how do we do it at ContactCare?


Overview of the different options


The value of good customer care


The personal touch


Customer care for large and small organisations

Academy brochure

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