Hiring staff

Hiring customer service employees that really listen.

Hire a motivated customer expert! Flexible to deploy, no employer risk and yet fully part of your team.

A customer service expert on site.

Truly listening is of great value for good customer contact. It is more than just opening your ears. By listening well, you are able to empathise with a customer, understand the situation and conduct a qualitative and efficient conversation. Good listeners make customers feel that they are really seen and heard. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to make this happen.

The right employee in the right place.

A good match starts with sharing norms and values. In addition to giving employees all the skills they need to be the perfect customer expert, we believe it is important that they also have the perfect soft skills.
After all, a collaboration is never successful if two people do not match. We therefore make our matches primarily based on cultural fit. We do this by matching the organization profile to one of our employee profiles.

What you can expect from a customer expert.

Our customer experts are more than just people who enjoy a good chat. They are highly educated and experienced. That is why they have a lot of knowledge about conversation techniques and can quickly identify the customer’s needs. Because they are already fully prepared to get to work, they are immediately employable and can work directly towards your service level.
If you hire these experts, you also bring a lot of valuable knowledge into your organization. And our employees are not afraid to share this knowledge with you. In short, a real plug-and-play expert who completely unburdens you.

Is a real listener


Deep customer knowledge


Solution focused


Service-oriented attitude


Skills to plan and organize


Administrative skills

Thoroughly trained at the ContactCare Academy

To meet these customer contact competencies, our employees are trained at the ContactCare Academy. They are trained on customer brand value, the correct telephone etiquette, conversation techniques, but also empathy and resistance training. This way our employees can always help your customers in a personal way.

Flexible and yet part of your team

With our employees, you acquire a flexible shell in the form of a knowledgable and experienced customer expert. Many organisations have seasonal fluctuations in volume. During these peaks and lows it is convenient to temporarily have more or less manpower. A good example are the energy suppliers. They have a tradition of doing the final invoicing at the beginning of the year, which results in a lot of administrative work and customer questions. You want this to be handled well, quickly and accurately. Therefore you want to pick someone who is up for the job.

A customer expert without employer risk.

By hiring staff, you make fixed wage costs flexible, allowing you to act quickly on changing volumes. Another important financial advantage of hiring staff through ContactCare is that you do not run any employer risk. For example, we take care of salary payments during illness and severance payments are also at our risk.
Onze way of working
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More information in our brochure

In our brochure you will find more information about our services and employees. We tell you about our vision on customer contact and why we can call our employees real customer experts.


The skills of a customer expert


The matching process


'Cultural fit'


Leadership in customer contact

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