About ContactCare

About ContactCare

We exist to make people be heard and seen. By listening well, we help organisations, consumers and our employees move forward.

We aim for win-win-win!

We like to help people. Of course, we do this for the people who call us. But we also like to grow with each of our 300 customers and get the very best out of our employees. We try to teach them and motivate them to develop themselves.

We aim for win-win-win! We want people to be happy, nature to be happy and our society to be better. Building a better world together. Not a charity, but the perfect balance between profit and creating real value. This is how we help people move forward every day.

Our organisation

What we believe in

Every day we get up to really hear and really see our employees, our customers and our customers’ customers.

What we do

The most diverse organisations come to us with their challenges in customer service. With our personal, hands-on approach, we can help all customers achieve their goals.

Our values

Our values give direction to everything we do. What binds us as an organisation and what choices we make.


Working at ContactCare