About ContactCare

Our values

Our values give direction to everything we do. What binds us as an organisation and what choices we make.

A culture of connectivity

Within ContactCare, we are primarily focused on the other person. We are therefore open to everyone in all their shapes and sizes. We have an eye for each other and want to grow together.

Be the real deal.

At ContactCare, everyone can be who they are. Beyond masks and identities. There is room for everyone to be themselves. In all shapes and sizes. And that is allowed to change from day to day. Today quiet, tomorrow noisy. At ContactCare, there is room to be yourself. We expect this from each other and from others.

Improve yourself every day.

Continuously improving ourselves and contributing to the development of each other and our customers. That is what we find important. It starts by being prepared to be vulnerable, to listen carefully and to ask specific questions. We challenge ourselves every day, embrace innovation and look for ways to do things together better, faster or smarter.

Go for the connection.

We do everything we can to make people feel seen and heard. From there on, meaningful relationships develop and we can grow further in relationship. We are therefore open to everyone, constantly thinking in win-win terms and striving to make the water rise for all ships.