Customer care

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Outsource complete business processes. We help organizations to excel in customer contact with our specialists.

Your own customer service department at our site

Customer service can make or break your brands image. After all, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and the processes are becoming more complex. We help organisations to excel in customer contact. By handling tickets, answering questions, keeping waiting times short and analysing the customer’s wishes, we increase loyalty. In this way, we help our clients to focus on what they do best: growing.

Completely taken care of by your team

As an organisation, you have to deal with many different kinds of processes. Invoicing, back office, customer service, etc. Our customer service teams are happy to help you do what you do best. Other processes can distract from the main issue. That is why our employees often look beyond customer care. They can assist in administrative back-office tasks that go beyond answering the phone or sending an e-mail.

High-quality support

Our specialists are happy to speak to your customers the way you want them to. We train them on your brand values and let them use your voice. This way, together we create loyal, happy customers who are more likely to come back and enjoy talking to you.

An external team that shares your values & culture.

As an organisation, we value our culture highly. For this, a close relationship with employees is important. Although we hire people based on our own core values, we also take those of our customers into account. Because, although you may not run into these people in the corridors, they can certainly be part of your culture.
Through continuous training, mentoring and by keeping communication lines short, we ensure that a subculture is created within our walls, dedicated to your organisation. Your customer contact team speaks in your tone of voice, knows the problems of your customers and is a close team of colleagues.

Multilingual services

With globalisation, the demand for different languages is also increasing. After all, more and more people who speak different languages are living in the Netherlands. As a growing brand, it can therefore be difficult to provide customers with quick and professional answers in every language. At ContactCare we understand this need like no other and are happy to work with you to fulfil your client’s wishes. We are happy to help you with the following languages:

🇩🇪    German

🇪🇸    Spanish

🇫🇷    French

🇸🇪    Swedish

🇳🇴    Norwegian
🇫🇮    Finnish
🇩🇰    Danish
Academy brochure

More information in our brochure

In our brochure you will find more information about our services. Good customer care is important. But which option suits your organisation best? And how do we do it at ContactCare?


Overview of the different options


The value of good customer care


The personal touch


Customer care for large and small organisations

Academy brochure

Extensively trained at the ContactCare Academy

Our customer service agents are trained at the ContactCare Academy. They are trained on customer brand value, the correct telephone etiquette, conversation techniques, but also empathy and resistance training. This way our employees can always help your customers in a personal way.

Romy de Roo
Managing director

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