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Outsourcing your customer service

Outsource your customer service, even outside office hours. Qualitative and efficient customer care with our customer contact team.

Affordable, professional and human.

Our customer service multiclient solution enables us to serve any customer from 8am to 10pm. Our employees can log into your system to, for example, view order statuses or schedule appointments. Multiclient is ideal for organisations that do not have the volume to hire a permanent customer contact team, but still need high-quality customer care.

All our employees are trained on your brand. They are true brand ambassadors.

A worthy customer experience.

A great customer experience is essential for a good customer relationship and creates loyal customers. We believe that personal contact is vital in order to build up a good relationship. After all, who gets excited by talking to a computer or listening to a script? That is why our employees are trained on your projects content, conversation techniques and telephone etiquette. This makes them real pros who can perfectly translate your message to the consumer. They are also trained to help different types of customers in the most efficient way possible. This ensures loyal and happy customers.

A service that grows along with your organisation.

The form of customer service we offer grows with your business. You can be available to customers seven days a week without having to make huge investments.
Our flexible service is often significantly cheaper than an in-house customer service. This way, you have the advantages of always being available, but not the costs of a full in-house staff. In short: we are the partner for growing companies that see that customer contact is of great value!

The proces

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More information in our brochure

In our brochure you will find more information about our services. Good customer care is important. But which option suits your organisation best? And how do we do it at ContactCare?


Overview of the different options


The value of good customer care


The personal touch


Customer care for large and small organisations

Academy brochure

Extensively trained at the ContactCare Academy

Our customer service agents are trained at the ContactCare Academy. They are trained on customer brand value, the correct telephone etiquette, conversation techniques, but also empathy and resistance training. This way our employees can always help your customers in a personal way.

All your contacts within reach.

When you subscribe, we provide your own environment on our MyCare platform. This means that you can always check your usage and listen in on conversations. This means you will never be confronted with surprises. Calls can be listened to and reviewed in the system. It also allows you to view usage data and invoices. The reporting tool provides a quicker insight into the subjects of the calls and the problems customers encounter. This input is valuable and provides insight into how to optimise your processes. Our customer service manager will be happy to help you.

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