About ContactCare

What we do

The most diverse organisations come to us with their challenges in customer service. With our personal, hands-on approach, we can help all customers achieve their goals.

Much more than just a good chat

We help entrepreneurs and companies in every phase of their business to support and improve their customer relations. We’ ve always done this by letting them grow in knowledge & experience, helping them put the right people in the right place and taking care of their customer contact. 

A solution for every scenario

What makes us different from other customer contact service providers is that we can offer a quality solution for every customer, regardless of the challenge, where the human aspect of customer service is key. To meet this demand, ContactCare consists of 4 business units, each with their own expertise in customer contact.

Our expertise:










Connecting people




Change & improve

Really hear and really see!

A call for help is almost always the first real personal interaction a customer or prospect will have. Even before reaching for the phone, chat or e-mail, an investigation has often already been carried out. The customer has a pressing question or needs more information. They are often unable to find a solution themselves. We help customers to make the most of this moment. An essential point in time that can make a difference to the customer’s loyalty and brand experience. The beginning of this personal bond starts with the people who engage in this conversation, the customer contact staff. At ContactCare we therefore focus on our customer experts. They are trained in all possible interview techniques and make your customers feel that they are really heard and really seen.

No numbers

At ContactCare, our employee, our client and the client of our client are never mere numbers, but unique human beings who deserve to be treated with attention and openness. 

At ContactCare, everyone gets a chance to develop his or her undiscovered potential. We invest in our people by training them and actively stimulating their growth, both internally and externally. That is why we do not offer a job, but a career.

For us, it is not about customer interaction per se, but the people behind the question.