ContactCare Academy

Basic knowledge course in customer service

Rules of thumb, tile wisdom, conversation models and common sense. These are the basic ingredients for successful customer contact. We are happy to teach you and our staff the tricks of the trade.

The craft of customer service

Almost every organization has to deal with it: customer contact. And yet it is only a trend of the last few years in which customer contact is seen as a real profession.
This training boosts the confidence and skills of your customer service, reception or help desk employees and ensures a uniform, but above all people-oriented customer experience.

The course in short

Are you…

Working as a receptionist, customer service agent, telephonist, counter clerk or do you have a lot of (telephone) customer contact?

A starting customer service professional?

Looking for a stable basis on which you or your team can fall back?
Nervous or even anxious on the phone?
Uncertain about your reaction (ability) to resistance calls?

Then the program really suits you!

Putting the customer first
During the training we use theory, examples and your own cases to look for the motives and typical reactions of your customers.
Why is the customer calling? What is the purpose of the call? What is the question behind the question? Once you can answer these questions, you will notice that any insecurities or even fear of difficult conversations will disappear. By listening well and really paying attention you will get to the point that you understand the customer better than he understands himself and that you can articulate his wishes better than he can. You can rightly call yourself an expert and the customer will feel like a king.
After taking this course, we see the following results:
You know various conversation models and can apply them appropriately in a customer conversation
You are up to date with the current legislation on customer contact and act accordingly
You can recognize customer profiles and know how to respond and deal with them appropriately
You know your own (conversational) profile and how others respond to you
You understand where resistance in conversations comes from
You can deal appropriately with emotional clients and resistance calls
You are an ambassador for your organization
Previous education & intake
No prior education is required to follow this course, nor is it necessary to have work experience in customer contact. Of course, experience or prior knowledge is nice, but we are convinced that within one day we can teach everyone the right tools and get them in the right frame of mind to work as a true customer expert.

Starting dates

The training is available twice a month in Amersfoort. In the flavors daytime and evening.
Location starting dates & class schedule
A new opportunity every month!
The course can be followed twice a month in Amersfoort. Both during the day and in the evening.

Basic knowledge in customer service

Costs and practical information
The part-time vocational training costs €295,- ex VAT. per person. Spread payment is possible in consultation.
Course material
Extensive lunch or dinner
The program
Part 1: the customer expert themselves
Who are you? How do you see yourself?
How do others see you?
Who do you want to be?
Disc model
Part 2: Essential skills
The basics of good customer contact
Conversation models
Conversational etiquette
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