Customer care

Service numbers & voice menus (IVR)

When you choose a customer service solution from ContactCare, you can choose to include a professional service number, such as a 088 number or a 0900 number. Have a look at the options below.

A professional image requires
a professional number

Most people now know the added value of a service number. In order to guide questions in the right direction, we also offer IVR menus. These solutions ensure that customers find the right answer more quickly. It creates an image of trust, recognition and service orientation. A professional service organisation therefore needs a number that radiates authority.

Our solutions

088 number

Receive a 088 number block and choose how many numbers to use. The caller only pays the local rate.

0900 number

A professional service number with the ability to charge the consumer.

0800 number

A professional service number where use is free of charge for the caller.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

A selection menu helps the customer find the right information or contact person more quickly