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Telephone keypad

Equipped your lines with Interactive Voice Response.

IVR applications / keypads

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, or keypad, gives your customers a self-service option, so they can immediately handle their own needs. IVR services vary from welcome messages to extended phone menus. It enables the receiver to select options via the telephone keypad,without the intervention of an operator.

The telephone accessibility of your company is essential.  Unanswered calls, or being ping-ponged back and forth between various departments, can be experienced as highly bothersome. Our IVR solutions broadens your accessibility and offers a higher value of service to your customers. At the same time you can focus on your own business. Also, specific information services can be standardised, to make human interference partially unnecessary. This reduces costs and creates a scalable and flexible modal.

Technology for customer service and telemarketing

This technological solution offers possibilities for both inbound customer services as telemarketing (outbound services).  IVR solutions vary from a spoken welcome message to extended phone menus.  Apart from incoming calls, outgoing calls can be made using IVR. For example outbound calls can be realised by using an automatic computer system using a previously-recorded message or dynamic generated audio.


All possibilities within IVR are free of charge. We will only charge once for initial configuration. Seen the fact keypads or IVR solutions are custom made, we create an individual offer. When you are interested in the possibilities for your organisation, we are pleased to exchange ideas and create an offer.

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advantages IVR solutions

  • Professional appearance
  • Work more efficiently
  • Increases availability of information
  • Human interaction no longer crucial
  • Filter and catagorise incoming calls

Some of the unparalledled opportunities IVR offers

  • Routing based on port availability
  • Waiting queues in a network with prioritisation
  • Routing based on area code
  • Routing based on time and date
  • Routing based on postal code
  • Overflow: in case of an engaged line, we could answer your calls
  • Phone keypad
  • Greeting messages
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