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Customer Service

We keep customer contact personally.

Customer Service

We keep customer contact personally.

Customer Service

We keep customer contact personally.

Customer Service On Demand

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your company is growing and the questions that your customers ask usually have to do with orders, payments, returns, items in stock and complaints;
  • Your customers also would like to be able to contact your company in the evening and on weekends;
  • Your customers expect that you can be reached through an ever wider range of channels, i.e. by phone and email but also increasingly more often via chat, social media and WhatsApp;
  • At the moment, customer service is often an activity that your employees do on the side, but in fact they are too busy with other work.

If this applies to you and you have at least two hundred customer contacts per month, Customer Service on Demand is the ideal solution for you.

Some benefits of customer service

  • Your customers can reach you seven days a week, without major investments being required
  • High-quality customer contact = more satisfied customers = higher turnover
  • You can be reached at all times, but only pay in case of actual use
  • You have a professional and skilled staff working for you, without the expense of having an entire team on your payroll
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At ContactCare we believe that high-quality customer contact will generate more satisfied customers and a higher turnover. Professional and service-oriented customer contact is a skill. Our skill. ContactCare ensures that you can focus completely on your core business. You can trust us with taking care of your customer contact. The right amount of staff is available at all hours of the day. We’ll handle it.

Read below how flexible, international and multi-channel our customer service is and what our cooperation is for you.

Is our company ready to outsource customer contact?

Customer service on demand offers many opportunities for growing businesses. Therefore we have developed a Quick Scan. It helps you to quickly determine for yourself whether outsourcing your customer contact is a good option for you, what form would suit you best, and what the costs would be.


Ideal flexibility for growing businesses

The form of customer service that we offer grows in sync with your company. It enables you to be available to your customers seven days a week without having to make major investments. We offer you both ‘blended’ agents, who apply their knowledge for several clients, as well as ‘dedicated’ agents, who work exclusively for your brand for twelve hours a day. And everything in between. The optimum solution depends on the number of customer contacts that you have.

International Ambitions?

Is your business expanding and do you have cross border ambitions? Whether your organization is growing nationally or internationally, your customer contact is in our save hands. Our Multilingual Customer Service ensures that you can completely focus on your business. We will help you take care of your international customers every hour of the day.

Joining forces to be successful

In collaboration with you, we achieve optimum customer contact. We do the work, but will involve you in the management. In a transparent and accessible manner. That’s why you’ll be given access to your MyCare environment, where our online software will give you complete insight into how we have been of service to your customers. Calls can be played back, checked and evaluated.

Curious about the specific possibilities for your organization? Our colleagues are happy to talk to you.

24 uur bereikbaar

7 days a week,
Also in the evenings

360° Quality Management

360° Quality Management


Demonstrated conversion enhancement

24 uur inzicht

24/7 live insight into your KPI’s

Multichannel klantcontact

Multichannel customer contact by phone, email and chat


Multilingualism is one of the possibilities

  • 60 seconden contactcare

ContactCare in 60 seconds, this is how we keep your customer contact personal!

ContactCare can help you with your customer contact. It's something we're good at, because it's something that we do extensively on a daily basis. We READ MORE

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