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At ContactCare we keep the customer contact personal. Like no other, we can hold conversations in five different languages. Our clients leave their customer service via telephone, email or chat to our talented staff, who were trained at the ContactCare Academy. We support ambitious companies in every growth phase of their business, both nationally and internationally. More than 500 organizations can rely seven days a week on our scalable customer service model without a worry in the world.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You receive an increasing number of questions about topics such as orders and deliveries
  • Your customers are demanding professional and multichannel contact
  • You want to provide service to existing customers or new leads at all times.


The shift from physical grocery shopping to online grocery shopping is bringing about a change in customer contact. Customers who visit a supermarket can ask the store personnel their questions. Online customers need other channels to pose their questions. The nature of their questions will also be different. Examples are questions about delivery times and delivery costs. The option of asking the store personnel their questions can be replaced online by using chat. In addition to a chat function, it is also important that customers can ask their questions by telephone.


In the online food-based market, subscriptions are very important. They help with building up a permanent client base and make it easier to purchase fresh products. Many companies in this industry entice customers with one-off boxes. Outbound projects that ContactCare has conducted in the past have shown that making follow-up calls to these customers is an effective way to bring in subscriptions.

The marketing rule that maintaining an existing customer is 5-7 times as effective as attracting a new customer may have even more validity in the food industry. Big marketing budgets are required to convince customers of ‘the new way of grocery shopping’. This makes it extra important for organizations in this industry to reactivate dormant customers, thus increasing revenue on a relatively small budget. ContactCare supports organizations with both customer service and outbound campaigns, ensuring that existing customers continue to be satisfied and dormant customers are being reactivated.


Are you looking for a solution for your customer contact? We are happy to use our expertise in the food sector to contribute ideas about shaping your customer service or setting up an outbound campaign, without any further obligation.

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Ferry Godri, founder of

“ContactCare is a company that actively helps our business to find solutions. That's how ContactCare sets itself apart from its competitors. We started using ContactCare because it was impossible for us to be available by telephone until 10 pm every single day. From the first time we had contact they started contributing ideas. It immediately gave me a sense of reliability.”

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