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Simpels case

Simpel delivers SIM-only subscriptions that can be put together by customers. Therefore customers have control over their monthly call costs. The cooperation between Simpel and ContactCare has resulted in an increase in subscription sales of 10 to 25%.


Simpel wants the customer to go about with ease. For instance, Simpel wants to be plainly accessible. Customers should decide which channel they want to use. This is why at Simpel the need for a professional customer care center grew. Prospects of different channels had to be converted effectively to customers. After an extensive RFP program Simpel chose to outsource their customer contact to ContactCare.


  • Customer service
  • 0900 numbers

Jasper de Rooij, CEO at Simpel:

“The professional appearance and the quality of contacts made us decide to outsource all of our commercial inbound traffic to ContactCare. Since 2008, we have successfully done business with ContactCare.”


Simpel has successfully invested in large media campaigns, which resulted in a strong increase in the amount of inbound calls. Because of the close cooperation between Simpel and ContactCare, the quality of customer contacts remained high, even though more calls were coming in.

Without ContactCare, Simpel wouldn’t have been able to organize its accessibility. They looked at various parties in the market, but none of them offered the same service as ContactCare. This was a big reason for them to choose for ContactCare.

Jasper Meerding, CEO and founder ContactCare:

“In close cooperation with Simpel, our customer service representatives are continually being trained and informed on the latest trends. Staying focused on conversations between agents and customers, providing agents with correct information and making them aware that they are an important role in conversions and therefore determining the success of the client. Those are our most essential focus areas.”


The cooperation between Simpel and ContactCare has resulted in lower acquisition costs and an increase in subscription sales from 10% to 25%.

Jasper de Rooij, CEO at Simpel:

“ContactCare is an effective and flexible organization that has a good sense of the needs of Simpel and that also knows how to deliver to those needs. The collaboration with ContactCare has led to an increase in the amount of prospects that converted to customers. I am very satisfied with our collaboration and I am looking forward to expand this with ContactCare wherever needed.”

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