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Which cookies does this website use?
This website uses cookies. Cookies are small, easy text files received by your computer, tablet or mobile phone if you visit a website. Cookies are used to, for example, store user names, passwords and preferences, so that you need not redo all that when returning to the website at a later time. To provide the best possible service, this website places ‘tracing cookies’ on our computer. This way we may recognize you and recall information about your previous visit. The profile created fro you, is not connected to your name, address, e-mail etc. if known to us, but is used only to coordinate the content shown with your profile to make the content of the website as relevant as possible to you.

Google Analytics
Like many other services, Google Analytics stores direct cookies to keep track of customer interactions. These cookies are used to store information and get reports on how visitors use the website, such as the time of that visit, whether or not this visitor has visited the site before and through which site the visitor has reached this page. Direct cookies are not shared with other domains.

Removing cookies
Most internet browsers offer the option of blocking cookies, or alert you when a cookie is about to be placed. Cookies can be removed, but only you may do so, since they are stored on your computer. Consult your browser manual on how to do this.

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