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About us

About us

About us

The people behind ContactCare

The success of ContactCare is based on a team of over 100 inspired professionals who do their very best each day to jointly make a difference in the field of ​​personal customer contact. In our office, located at the Amersfoort train station, we communicate both internally and with customers in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. ContactCare is personal, flexible and very transparent. We help our customers to find solutions and give them advice on how to increase their availability. Our personable and transparent nature is reflected by our office, which is attractive and open thanks to lots of glass. Want to visit our office?

Send a request or contact one of our colleagues at +31 (0)33 744 0044.

Our roots

ContactCare is a customer service organization specializing in personal customer contact and scalable service. The company’s history goes back to 2009. At that point in time, start-ups are shooting up like mushrooms. As a result of this, valuable customer service also receives increasing attention: service that boosts revenue, ensures customer retention, creates ambassadorship and helps companies to stand out amongst the competition.

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Selected members of our team


Manager Operations

Herbert has final responsibility for ContactCare’s operational management in the workplace and within the management team. He is energized every day he drives to work, an environment that is continuously developing!


Sales & Support Representative

Mandy is the embodiment of ContactCare’s DNA and proves that commitment is rewarded with success.
She offers a helping hand to organizations that want to streamline their communication. Her passion is the organization’s calling card.



Jasper’s technological drive, his immense problem-solving ability and his down to earth mentality ensure time and time again that ContactCare is treated to new innovations.


Customer Service Representative

An enthusiastic agent, Nabila has been working at ContactCare for over two years now. With her optimistic nature she always has a friendly word for everyone, whether it’s our customers or her colleagues. Nabila: “A pleasant working atmosphere starts with yourself.”


Project Manager

When you think of Carmen, you think of sociability. With her contagious smile, she creates an optimal atmosphere with the customer as well as in the workplace. In her role as Project Manager she takes care of her customers and is involved in projects from A to Z.

Mark Hekkelman

Managing Director

Mark is convinced that customer satisfaction and employee involvement are the cornerstones of a healthy business. He believes that it is important for the team to achieve success as a unit. Everyone must be able to develop into the best version of themselves.

Sanne van Es

HR Manager

Sanne has been working at ContactCare since 2013. Her style of working is very open and makes her really approachable. She is the glue that holds the organization together, “because satisfied personnel means a satisfied customer.”

Bert Kruiswijk

Workforce Manager

Bert is a true jack-of-all-trades and has been contributing to the growth of ContactCare for many years now. On a daily basis he is working on an intelligent back office that supports the operations and customers.

Jeroen van der Maas

Senior Supervisor

Jeroen attaches great value to a good working atmosphere. He takes the supervisors under his wing and guides them in their work. His strong vision shines through in his proactive attitude.


Project Expert

Mounir is a real go-getter. He speaks fluent French and is part of the Multilingual team. In addition, he is a Project Expert and supports the supervisors, trains staff and contributes to the day-to-day quality in the workplace.


Service & Marketing Representative

Sharon has been working at ContactCare since 2015 and has gained a lot of knowledge in various departments. With her infectious enthusiasm she is currently strengthening the Sales & Marketing team. She advises new customers about optimizing their customer contact on a daily basis.


Communication Marketeer

Like no other, Guido is able to listen to colleagues and customers so that he can translate this into communications that further strengthen our position. After all, ContactCare has all the qualities it needs to become an even stronger brand. He prefers to work together to achieve success.


Customer Service Representative

Deisy is a valuable employee for ContactCare. She is happy to help out with script improvements, gains in-depth knowledge of the customer and is the go-to person in the department for anyone who has questions. In addition, Deisy is the Spanish-speaking expert within the Multilingual team.

Sinds 2009
Sprout challenge
FD Gazellen
Amersfoort business

A true entrepreneur, Jasper Meerding is always looking for opportunities. After all, high-quality customer service requires dedication, a personal approach, language skills and communication tools. Preferably 7 days a week. Through his approach, Jasper is laying the foundations for ContactCare: the contact centre that provides growing companies with low-threshold and professional customer service so that all consumers get the attention that they deserve.

Working at ContactCare

Each colleague within the ContactCare team has a flexible attitude, likes to work together and contributes to growth. At ContactCare we collaborate in a transparent, informal and collegial manner. As a result, different expertises form one close-knit team. Would you like to work at ContactCare? Check out our current job openings.