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Service numbers a source of income

0900 Numbers

Three reasons for choosing 0900 numbers

At the moment, 0900 numbers are mainly used for three reasons:

1. Creating a threshold for callers because they have to pay for the contact (on top of the standard call charges);
2. Making money with providing service over the phone;
3. The possibility of connecting a voice menu (IVR) to the 0900 number.

Change in legislation as of 1 July
0900 numbers are the only phone numbers that organizations can use as a source of revenue. Please note: as of 1 July 2017 the legislation for 0900 numbers will change; to read more about these changes, go here.

Some advantages of a 0900 number

  • Professional appearance
  • Sharp prices
  • Fixed price per minute or call
  • An income source
  • Quick payment, within 30 days
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Three types of 0900 numbers

When purchasing an 0900 number, you’ll have a choice of three types of numbers:

1. Name-based number
A phone number such as 0900-COMPANY NAME is an original way to increase your availability. The number is easy to remember, making it simple for customers to contact you.

2. Short number
In the case of a short 0900 number the subscriber number consists of only four digits, for example 0900-1234. This number is easy to remember and readily recognized. Since short 0900 numbers are very popular, their use is subject to some conditions. A minimum limit of 2500 calls or 4000 call minutes per month applies to short 0900 numbers.

3. Standard number
Standard service numbers consist of seven digits following the ‘0900’ part, for example 0900-1234567. Unlike short service numbers, no minimum volume conditions apply to seven-digit 0900 numbers.

Many organizations choose short numbers because they look attractive and are easy to remember. However, the costs of short numbers are higher compared to seven-digit standard numbers.

Short 0900 numbers

long 0900 numbers

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