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085 number

One recognizable 085 number, for various locations, accessible from all countries.

085 numbers

Unlike local numbers, 085 numbers are not bound to a city or region. An 085 number does have all of the other characteristics of a local phone number, though. You’ll be billed in the same way, for instance, and your customers can make calls to you at the local rate.

An 085 number is an interesting option for organizations that don’t want to be bound to a specific location, for example, or that want to emanate a region-independent feel for their business relations, such as potential customers. In addition, it is convenient for companies with multiple branches in different regions and for organizations whose target audience is spread out across the Netherlands.

Benefits of an 088 number

  • Uniform number for your organization
  • Divert between fixed line and mobile
  • Works with your existing line
  • The caller pays only the local rate
  • When moving, each number will be retained
  • The caller quickly reaches the right contact

Please feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to tell you more you about the possibilities!

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